Boise Police very busy…

So after a long evening of watching UFC at Suds, I met my brother and a friend at the Broadway.  Classy evening to be sure.  After a quick drink, everyone was ready to call it a night.  My friend decided she needed snacks so she walked and I rode to the gas station across  the street.  There always seems to be at least one officer whenever I am near this place, and of course there was.  He complimented my bike (which means he thought I stole it, right?) and I asked him if there was any problem with not running breaks, because my friends out in Portland have had some issues with it.  He told me (paraphrasing now) that they are much too busy to worry about how we set up our bikes, and also that I should get a light on my bike.  He was obviously very busy (go get them DUI’s boss!) so I bid him a safe evening and continued doing figure eight’s around the gas pumps.

The thing I found most interesting about our short exchange was that he used the phrase I always use when on the “wrong” side of the law…”Don’t you have something better to be doing right now?” and they always say “No we are here to keep you safe blah blah blah….” So thank you officer.

You should definitely read this about BPD’s official stance and law’s pertaining to you.  Be as knowledgeable and proactive as possible, on and off your bike.


One response to “Boise Police very busy…

  1. Nice blog…entertaining and educational. Keep up the good work.

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